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Hi there,

All cannabis strains, some more than others, have a build in function that enables the female plants to change sex.
In nature this is used to secure that a single standing female would be able to carry seeds even is no male is present, so if a this will sometimes resolve in that if a female is standing in flower to long without revising any pollen, it will start to develop male genders as a ‘last resort’
As we don’t have the time to wait 6 months, or so, for this to happen, u can trigger this by none destructive stress to the plant.

When ur plants starts to flower remove the male plants and set ur light-clock, if u don’t have this go and buy, to a light cycle that still is 12/12 but in the pattern of 1 hour on 1 hour of etc.

After a time, depends on the strain, the female plants will start to carry pollen.
The seeds coming from this pollen will mostly, 19/20, be female because:

The following has been simplified to ease up the understanding.

Females has 2 X chromosomes

Males have 1 X and 1 Y

Our (Fe)male, or iron male as we call it :-), will have 2 X and one ‘loose’ Y

If u go buy a bag of feminised seeds the ability to bisex will better.

I hope this give u the A that u where looking for.

The above procedure can also be used to make inbreed mutation, if a female, with success, is pollinated with itself in a couple of generations.
If u are making hybrids use this technique to stabilize ur stain.
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